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Welcome to APR Consultants:

Business Hub Building - Home for APR Consultants
Pictured Above: The Business Hub Building, the home of APR Consultants

For 40 years, APR Consultants has built a reliable reputation providing strategic advice for private and public sector organisations.

Working with a wide range of companies, entrepreneurs, government agencies, industry bodies, trusts, and iwi groups throughout New Zealand, APR Consultants' research and analysis help bring clarity to the business environment and confidence to move forward.


From Feasibility Studies and Economic Impact Assessments to Marketing Strategies and Community Outcomes Consultation, APR Consultants' cross-disciplinary approach combines the strengths of key skill sets to provide high-quality analysis and advice to achieve clients' objectives.


To complement our specialist services, APR Consultants retains an in-house research unit to undertake primary and secondary research which provides a broad foundation on which to guide strategy development and identify potential obstacles.


Our extensive experience and specialist skills help ensure you achieve your goals and build a firm foundation for your organisation's future.

Contact us now at to find out how we can help you make a difference.

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